The Seed of Innovation
In the heart of Tokyo, 1987, a unique blossom emerged. Kannax, a pioneer in the delicate art of flower preservation in Japan, began its journey as a company that preserves bouquets for special occasions such as weddings. At a time when the craft was unknown, our dedication to beauty and innovation took root.

Three Decades of Dedication

For over 30 years, we've cultivated the technology to transform fresh flowers into timeless pieces of art. Our craftsmanship has matured, making Kannax a symbol of quality and luxury. From weddings to celebrations, we have been crafting memories into tangible beauty. The joy and emotion of special days live on in our creations, a forever reminder of cherished moments.

Culture Reimaged to The World 

Our desire to share this artistry has led us to craft completely original frames with our creativity, launching new brand for the world to embrace. We believe that our works will makes connections personal. You can engrave messages or drawings on the board, creating gifts that resonate with the heart. A new culture of love and remembrance will blossom and the tradition of sending flowers be redefined. The elegance of Japanese artistry, now within your reach.

Our Original Floral Preserving Service in Tokyo

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